What to wear for headshots? Ultimate Guide for all

What to wear for headshots? Ultimate Guide for all

What to wear for headshots? Ultimate Guide for all

Headshot is the term used for professional profile images where the focus is on the face of the person. If you are wondering what a good headshot is, it is taken with enough good lighting on the face with shoulders up. Generally, in a headshot, the person is looking directly into the lens.

Generally, these headshots are used as profile images of authors, actors, models, and corporate on social media, on the "about us" page of websites, as well as on dating profiles.

A acting headshot photographer can help you if you have a passion for becoming a great actor or actress. All you have to do is assign a professional photographer, and they will have your headshots done in the most beautiful way.

While hiring a professional for the shoot is important, choosing the most suitable wardrobe for the headshots is also crucial.

Content includes headshot outfit & color ideas for:

  1. Female Actor
  2. Male Actor
  3. Child Actor
  4. Corporate Women
  5. Corporate Men

What women should wear for acting headshots?

Are you wondering what to wear for acting headshots? Well, your headshot will decide whether you will get the audition or not.

While people generally need 1-2 headshots, but if you are struggling to be an actress, you need multiple headshots. Not only this, you will need various looks as well.

While your photographer will take care of lighting and composition, you will need to pay attention to your wardrobe.

You may have many ideas for the dresses to look good, but for the acting headshot portfolio, you need to be specific. The casting directors seek the special look they want to cast. So, while choosing the dresses, you should be specific about the characters you want to play.

For example, if you want to play the role of a

  • Girl next door, a light tee or top would look good.
  • Businesswoman, it should be a jacket and blouse.
  • Young Mom, it should be a colorful tee or sweater.
  • Detective, it should be a blouse and jacket.

Best Colors for Women for acting headshots

When choosing colors for headshots, you will need to be extremely careful. Colors can make your headshot appealing, or they may ruin your efforts. Do not wear clothes of your skin color. In general, rich tones look attractive on camera.

Over bright colors should be avoided. Then, you can try your favorite colors in which you feel more comfortable and confident. Besides, there are some colors that are known to portray the mood. For example, red and pink colors are for a romantic look, and warm tones are for an approachable mood.

What men should wear for acting headshots?

While it is necessary to know what to wear for acting headshots, it is also crucial to understand what not to wear for acting headshots.

Most people and headshot guides may suggest you to wear black v-neck shirts rather than white scoop neck shirts. Some may advise you to wear a tee or sweater.

However, since you are creating your acting headshot portfolio, you must wear it as per the characters you want to play. You must have at least 3-4 roles in mind you want to play so that you can choose your attire accordingly.

Do not wear a lot of accessories. If you wear glasses, it is better to have some pictures with them, while for some, you can put them off during the shoot.

You must always consider your personality and appearance before making a portfolio for specific roles. What are the roles you will be suitable for? Do you look like a student? Or your appearance suits the role of a villain?

  • Well, if you have a long and messy beard, you can play the role of a villain, and a black tee would look good.
  • For the role of businessman, a formal shirt will look good.
  • For the role of a college boy, a v-neck tee will go.

Best Colors for Men for acting headshots

Rich colors look great on camera. Avoid too bright and shiny colors. It is better to avoid checks and plaids with high contrast colors. Wear a plain shirt or check with slight color variation.

What children should wear for headshots?

When choosing the attire for children to wear for headshots, the primary consideration is that it should complement their personality and skin color.

  • The child must be comfortable in the clothes. If the child is comfortable, they will be natural in their expressions.
  • Choose a solid color outfit instead of prints and patterns. Patterns and prints may distract the emphasis from their face.
  • When choosing clothes for children, you should avoid shiny fabrics, too bright tones, and sleeveless styles.

Best Colors for Children for Headshots

Colors affect the mood greatly. When choosing the color of their apparel, you must keep their choice in mind. You cannot go for the colors they don't like. It may discomfort them during the shoot. Solid colors are perfect for children for headshots.

Jewel tones or mid-tones are perfect for children, especially when they match the color of their eyes. Avoid light tones as they do not look good on camera.

What women should wear for professional corporate headshots?

In the past, people generally took ordinary photos for meetings or job interviews. Now, the time has changed. It has become really important to get a perfect headshot to attract the client or interviewer. When you hire an corporate headshot photographer, they will help you get the best authentic headshot.

Now, the question arises, what to wear for a professional corporate headshot? Well, here are a few tips to help you choose the right outfit.

  • The clothes should be well-fitted.
  • Your attire must be comfortable.
  • You should be able to convey your personality and knowledge in your outfit for the type of job you are applying for.
  • It is better to choose long sleeves.
  • Make sure your outfit is not transparent, and your undergarments are not visible through.

Best Colors for Women for professional corporate headshots

For professional corporate headshots, grey, black, and brown are the perfect colors to wear. Avoid very light and neutral colors. Plain, solid color outfits are the best choice.

What men should wear for professional corporate headshots?

While looking for the right attire for professional corporate headshots, make sure that you keep the job post in mind. For a casual business appearance, you should choose a few shirts of different rich colors, a tie, and a jacket. You can also choose a light sweatshirt.

It is good to keep a few considerations in mind while creating a professional headshot portfolio.

  • In case you don't like wearing a jacket, your shirt must be collared with buttoned up.
  • The outfit should be well-fitted, not too loose or tight.
  • Make sure that whatever outfit you are wearing is wrinkle-free and clean.
  • If you generally wear glasses, you should keep them on during the shoot.
  • Avoid bold prints and patterns.
  • It is good to avoid white shirt for the shoot; in case you are wearing it, do not forget to wear a tie.
  • Make sure that the shirt has long sleeves.
  • Make sure that your face is well moisturized and hair well groomed.
  • While choosing the tie, keep in mind that a solid tie looks good on checks or prints and vice versa.

Best colors for men for professional corporate headshots

It is better to choose colored shirts instead of white and cream. Navy blue, grey, and black are the safe and sound bets. If you are wondering what to wear on a grey background, it is recommended to choose dark solid colors. For dark backgrounds, go for the lighter shades. In any case, stay away from over bright colors like red, orange, etc.


So, choosing the right outfit for headshots is not too tricky. With a few considerations in mind, you can get your headshot portfolio win the auditions or interview.

  • While keeping the clothes, color in mind, you should also make sure that your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free.
  • Avoid having a logo on the front of your shirt.
  • Avoid wearing too loose or too tight clothes. Whatever you are wearing should be in the right way, either it is a saree or a tie.
  • For a good headshot portfolio, make sure that
    • your hair is well groomed
    • your face well-moisturized
    • wear a little makeup
    • Smile naturally without showing teeth.
  • Make sure to have a sound sleep the night before.

Still, stuck on what to wear for the headshot? Asking your photographer is always a great idea.

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