4 Reasons why getting a good acting headshot is important for beginners

4 Reasons why getting a good acting headshot is important for beginners

4 Reasons why getting a good acting headshot is important for beginners

As soon as you discover the desire to pursue acting as a career, the first phenomenon that will keep buzzing around your head is "get a good acting headshot". Whether it is your peers or your role models everyone talks about how important is it to get a good portrait photo of yourself, but do we (as a beginner) really know what these types of photos really mean? Many of us are too naive to really understand what it is and why it is so important. Hi I am Dorothy Shi, one of the in-demand New York headshot photographer. Now let us start from the beginning and to make it even better and easy to understand let us address each of your questions one by one.

What is an acting headshot?

As the name suggests, a headshot is a photograph of you taken from shoulder upwards. But there is a lot of deeper meaning to this simple-looking task. A photograph of yours should be able to portray the real you. It should present not just your looks but your personality too.

What is the significance of a headshot in acting?

  • If you are someone who is taking this career stream very seriously, a good acting headshot is something that will pave your way to get the roles you desire and achieve the success you deserve.

    Before we get into the depth of "professional headshot", let us talk about how does this type of photo makes a difference when compared to a traditional photoshoot:

  • It is about the eyes:

    We all know, that a silent picture can speak volumes through the eyes. And yes, a good acting headshot will definitely serve the purpose of making your eyes look stand out.

  • No filter, just the real you:

    Any type of headshot should really depict who you are, and what you really look like in real life without any filter. From facial features to personality traits, a photo should be appropriate enough to describe it all.

  • Less is more:

    A photo reflecting your persona will make you shine using the most minimalistic ways out there. Be it natural make-up or wearing no heavy jewels, the best way to get one is to keep the photograph about YOU only. It should not divert the focus to any other elements be it clothing or accessories.

  • 4 reasons why you need a good "Professional acting headshot"?

    Coming straight to the point, a casting director or an acting agent can identify within a fraction of seconds if the portrait is a professional headshot or a random camera click. That is it. This is how you end up creating your first impression in the eyes of prospective employers. It symbolizes your passion and seriousness towards acting as a career.

    1. Part of your resume:

    A headshot is an inbuilt part of your acting resume. It has to be as perfect as possible. Remember there are thousands of applicants applying at the same time for the same acting job, just like you. The referring agents and casting directors do not have any extra second to spend on a photograph if it is not eye-catching and professional enough.

    2. Make or break chance:

    Yes, a headshot is actually a deal-breaker when you are into show business. If it's not professional enough to display your true personality, it is all in vain. The utmost priority in a professional headshot is given to the portrayal of the real you in all the possible manners so that casting directors and agents can select you for appropriate roles.

    3. Camera consciousness:

    It is said that acting is for those who love the camera. But there are many beginners, who are talented enough but get camera conscious. This is where a professional photo will help you, it enables you to have some fun with the camera and become camera-friendly without doing anything fancy.

    4. Discover yourself:

    A professional headshot will really make you understand yourself better when you look at your photographs. It will make you realize the situations or the angles wherein you may look awkward or maybe not too confident and that is how you identify the areas where you need to work on yourself so that you can create a special mark in this industry. Also, when you find your best angle, you may use that to your advantage in your career in the long run.

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