Best Photographer in New York

Why do our clients consider us the best Photographer in New York?

Best Photographer in New York

Picking out the right photographer for your intended purpose is never easy. You may want a perfect photoshoot for your child, a headshot for you, a shoot for your commercial products or some fashion photography.

Choosing the right photographer is important to get desired photos. While there are many photographers in New York, you cannot go wrong with trusted names like Dorothy Shi Photography.

Dorothy Shi has earned this reputation by constantly delivering exceptional photography services for over 25 years to New Yorkers.

Whether you are looking for a New York children model photographer, New York headshot photographer, New York pageant photographer, New York ecommerce photographer or just an affordable fashion photographer in New York City, Dorothy Shi is a veteran in the photography industry with client names that demand to be envied upon.

Here are some reasons why you should try Dorothy Shi Photography for your photography needs:

1. Children photography:

Children photography is in no way child s play! A lot of precision goes into conducting photoshoots with children. You may want them in a certain pose but children almost always, in some way or the other, exercise their own will. Dorothy, as a New York children model photographer or a New York children acting photographer, has the skills to pull out the best in children of every age to deliver quality candid shots every time with her original imprints.

For parents looking for an acting career for their child, contacting one of the best New York children acting photographer, Dorothy Shi, is the first step towards bringing your dreams to reality.

2. Professional headshots:

There was a time when headshots were reserved only for actors and models. However, with changing times, a headshot photograph is very important for professionals and corporate employees and is a first impression tool for professionals.

Dorothy Shi, a prominent New York headshot photographer, specializes in headshot photography for corporations, professionals, actors and models. Dorothy Shi's headshot photography precisely displays the message that the candidate wants to convey. She has developed the expertise in headshot photography to an extent that makes her one of the most well-known headshot photographers in New York.

For actors, Dorothy is also a great choice as a New York acting headshot photographer. Dorothy and her team are experienced in corporate headshots, acting headshots, animation overlays, and children headshots.

3. Pageant photo shoots:

This is another genre where Dorothy Shi, the New York pageant photographer walks down with all her regalities. As a celebrated New York pageant photographer, she is known for conducting outdoor and indoor sessions in an authentic style that does not compromise the delivery of amazing pageant images.

Dorothy and her team work hard to bring out the beauty in all pageant contestants and consistently delivers winning pageant images from each pageant photoshoot.

4. Fashion photography:

Rule the fashion world in vogue with Dorothy Shi as your very own personalized New York fashion photographer. Dorothy s fashion photography wondrously merges fashion in unitary with the models.

She has a unique command over the variations that are required for fashion photography for men, women and plus size as well. Her vivid portrayal of fashion clothing and other fashion items with her camera lens makes her one of a kind among other New York fashion photographers.

Dorothy Shi serves as an affordable fashion photographer in New York who promises to deliver quality fashion photo shoots but in a cost-effective way.

5. Modeling photography:

Appointing Dorothy Shi as your New York model photographer, is putting your modeling career on the right track. Dorothy is a premier choice for building a model s portfolio.

A model s portfolio is meant to display modeling skills of a candidate as positive impressions. Dorothy Shi does just that and is the right choice as a stepping stone for aspiring models.

Dorothy also takes great pleasure in doing professional fashion photography for the fashion industry. Whether it is in the studio or an outdoor shoot location, Dorothy, a New York model photographer, delivers the best of the models each and every time.

6. Ecommerce Product Photography:

Showcase your products using Dorothy Shi, a New York ecommerce photographer and unleash the power of ecommerce product photography. Photos are the most impactful sales tools when it comes to ecommerce.

In her ecommerce photography, Dorothy Shi has proved that good photography builds brands, creates a web presence and attracts customers.

What makes Dorothy unique from others is her sheer talent in photography, unwavering dedication and understanding of her work.

Dorothy has an outstanding ability to grab a candid shot without moving the world. She has developed her niche in headshot photography at the early stage of her career. And, what's more? Her top-notch photo service comes with professional hair and makeup stylist services, which are available upon request.